Theoretical analysis and experimental measurement of digital multi-beam phased antenna array in the C frequency range

  • L. Guoming
  • P.N. Zakharov
  • A.F. Korolev
Keywords: phased antenna array, radiation pattern, voltage standing wave ratio


The choice of elements for constructing a phased antenna array providing a relative frequency bandwidth up to 9% for the transmission or reception of wireless communication system information was made. Superposition of the excitation signals of a flat phased antenna array for a simultaneous emission of several independent beams in a radiation far field was used. Calculation and optimization of the progressive distribution of phase shifts in the excitation signal group in the horizontal and vertical directions of the phased array plane for the radiation (reception) of independent beams in spherical coordinates (azimuth and elevation) in space was performed. An experimental sample of the phased antenna array was developed using microstrip technology, which forms several beams in the radiation far field. An experimental measurement of the voltage standing wave ratio and relative frequency bandwidth of the sample developed by phased array microstrip and printing technology was carried out. The multi-beam phased antenna array will increase the number of subscribers for multi-user systems, as well as increase the energy efficiency for point-to-point communication by transmitting over multiple spatial trajectories.
Electrodynamics and Wave Processes