Shift of the collective mode of polarized graphene on a substrate using spin-sensitive response theory

  • D. Kreil
  • M. Haslhofer
  • H.M. Böhm
Keywords: graphene, s-SNOM, collective modes, plasmom, reflectivity


The growing precision of optical and scattering experiments necessitates a better understanding of the influence of damping onto the collective mode of sheet electrons. As spin-polarized systems are of particular interest for spintronic applications, we here report spin-sensitive linear response functions of graphene, which give access to chargeand spin-density related excitations. We further calculate the reflectivity of graphene on an SiO2 surface, a setup used in s-wave scanning near-field microscopy. Increasing the partial spin-polarization of the graphene charge carriers leads to a significant broadening and shift of the plasmon mode, due to single-particle interband transitions of the minority spin carriers. We also predict an antiresonance in the longitudinal magnetic response function, similar to that of semiconductor heterostructures.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology