Depopulation mechanism for incoherent terahertz source – THz torch – based on GaAsBi/GaAs quantum well in GaAs/AlGaAs parabolic quantum well

  • M. Karaliūnas
  • A. Udal
  • G. Valušis
Keywords: terahertz emission, parabolic quantum well, GaAsBi/GaAs/AlGaAs nanostructures, incoherent THz source


Parabolic quantum wells (PQWs) are known as a promising candidate for a compact terahertz (THz) source. PQWs have equidistant subbands that can be designed to be separated by few meV to meet the THz frequency range. To enhance the efficiency and power of THz emission from PQWs, a new approach is proposed by employing depopulation of the lowest subbands of PQW. In this work, the theoretical analysis of an incoherent THz torch device is presented. The findings suggest that the introduction of narrower band-gap GaAsBi/GaAs rectangular quantum well within the GaAs/AlGaAs PQW can alter subbands arrangement to enable a faster depopulation mechanism exploiting LO phonon scattering. The calculated radiative power spectra show the increase of oscillator strength between the rearranged subbands of PQW due to the added GaAsBi rectangular potential. The increased intersubband radiative transition probability can lead to an efficient compact incoherent THz source – THz torch.
Condensed Matter Physics and Technology