Profiling of proton beams by fluence scanners

  • L. Deveikis
  • J.V. Vaitkus
  • T. Čeponis
  • M. Gaspariūnas
  • V. Kovalevskij
  • V. Rumbauskas
  • E. Gaubas
Keywords: particle beam profiling, carrier lifetime, microwave probed photoconductivity, luminescence, scintillators


Profiling of particle beams is one of the most important diagnostic procedures for operating any kind of accelerator. In this work, the proton beam profilers, based on fluence measurements performed by recording the changes of carrier lifetime in Si material and scintillation intensity of thin GaN layers, caused by radiation induced defects and emission centres, are presented. The beams of penetrative (26 GeV/c) and stopped (1.6 MeV) protons have been examined. It is shown that the penetrative particle regime should be employed to appropriately record 2D fluence distribution profiles. It is also illustrated that the presented profiling techniques can be applied for scanning of other charged (namely, pions) and neutral (neutrons) particle beams.