Dielectric characterization of the BiFe0.5Cr0.5O3 ceramics

  • E. Palaimiene
  • V. Gribauskaite
  • J. Banys
  • A.V. Pushkarev
  • Yu.V. Radyush
  • N.M. Olekhnovich
  • J.P.V. Cardoso
  • A.N. Salak
Keywords: ceramics, spectroscopy, ferroelectric materials


Dielectric properties of the BiFe0.5Cr0.5O3 ceramics synthesized under high pressure were investigated in a broad frequency range (20 Hz – 1 GHz) between 200 and 500 K. It was revealed that the ceramics exhibit electrical conductivity above 300 K. Below 300 K, a dielectric dispersion caused by ferroelectric domains was observed. It was found that the conductivity follows the Almond–West law, which allowed us to determine a DC contribution (σDC). From the σDC values obtained at different temperatures, the activation energy (EA = 0.302 ± 0.006 eV) was calculated using the Arrhenius law.

Ferroelectrics and Superconductors