Effect of low-dose-rate ionizing radiation on the complex dielectric permittivity of CdZnTe crystals

  • O. Poluboiarov Kharkiv National Aerospace University
  • O. Chugai Kharkiv National Aerospace University
  • S. Oliinyk Kharkiv National Aerospace University
  • D. Sliusar Kharkiv National Aerospace University
  • S. Sulima Kharkiv National Aerospace University
Keywords: localized states, semiconductors, complex dielectric permittivity, cadmium zinc-telluride, ionizing radiation


For the first time, the change in the real and imaginary parts of Cd1–xZnxTe crystals complex dielectric permittivity when exposed to ionizing radiation with a small exposure dose rate (about hundreds of μR/h) has been studied. Significant changes in the values of both parts of complex dielectric permittivity have been revealed. Regularities of specified changes have been established and explained taking into account a different radiation effect on free and bound charges. The basis of effect is the changes in the charge carrier localized states of point defect associates. Their appearance is due to a high concentration and a variety of intrinsic structural defects in the studied crystals as a consequence of the deviation of the crystal composition from the stoichiometric one.

Condensed Matter Physics and Technology