Novel approaches to generic non-Fermi liquids: higher- dimensional bosonization vs generalized holography

  • D.V. Khveshchenko
Keywords: strongly correlated systems, holographic correspondence, eikonal, bosonization, propagator, non-Fermi liquid


This paper addresses the problem of computing fermion propagators in a broad variety of strongly correlated systems that can be mapped onto the theory of fermions coupled to an (over)damped bosonic mode. A number of the previously applied approaches and their results are reviewed, including the conventional diagrammatic resummation and eikonal technique, as well as the ‘experimental’ higher-dimensional bosonization and generalized (i.e. ‘bottom-up’ or ‘non-AdS/non-CFT’) holographic conjecture. It appears that, by and large, those results remain either in conflict or incomplete, thereby suggesting that the ultimate solution to this ubiquitous problem is yet to be found.

Condensed Matter Physics and Technology