Composition and morphology of copper bismuth selenide layer on glass prepared by chemical conversion technique

  • Viktorija Osipovaitė
  • Ingrida Ancutienė
Keywords: selenopolythionates, copper selenide, copper bismuth selenide, SEM-EDX, XRD


A copper bismuth selenide layer prepared by the chemical conversion of a copper selenide layer on glass has been studied. SEM images display layers with a nonhomogeneous morphology. The copper selenide layer was non-uniform and consisted of dendrites and particulated agglomerates. The surface of the chemically converted layer was denser and smoother with closely spaced spherical grains. The EDX results reveal that the converted samples are rich in copper and poor in bismuth. The phases of copper selenides in the obtained layer and copper bismuth selenide and hexagonal selenium in the annealed converted layer were detected using the XRD analysis. Copper selenide peaks are most dominant with the hexagonal klockmannite phase.
Inorganic Chemistry