Aqueous dispersions of epoxy oligomers: Stability and rheological properties

  • D. A. Busel
  • V. D. Koshevar
  • A. Zarkov
  • V. G. Shkadrecova
  • A. Kareiva
Keywords: epoxy oligomers, aqueous dispersions, stability, rheological properties


In this study, the stability of the aqueous dispersions of epoxy oligomers was investigated. The following epoxy oligomers with various numbers of epoxy groups were used for the characterization: NPEL 127, NPEL 128, NPEL 134, NPPN 631, EPOXY 520 and DEG-1. A non-ionic surfactant Emulsogen LCN-287 based on alkyl polyethylene glycol ether was used as an emulsifier. The dispersions of epoxy resins were fabricated by changing the content of a non-ionic surfactant (emulsifier) in a range from 2 to 6 wt.%. It was demonstrated that the stability of aqueous emulsions depends not only on the type of resin, but also on the content of the oil phase and the concentration of the emulsifier. The rheological properties of the aqueous dispersions of epoxy oligomers were investigated as well.
Polymer Chemistry