Nahum Lipowski (1874–1928). Jewish theatre and film

  • Juozapas Blažiūnas
Keywords: Lipowski, Jewish theatre and fim, Yiddish, Vilnius


A significant part of the 20th century film and theatre posters preserved and stored in the Lithuanian archives of literature and art are related to the Nahum Lipowski Jewish Folk Theatre. The research focuses on the analysis of Lipowski and his works. It indicates that little attention has been devoted to the influence of Lipowski as a director and scriptwriter on silent film industry. The data yielded by this study prove convincing evidence that the beginning of silent film in Lithuania, film making tendencies and the history of Jewish theatre are related. The works of Nahum Lipowski and his biographical facts are a great illustrative example of the cultural life in the late 19th and early 20th century. This study can also clarify some aspects and fill the knowledge gap of the Jewish enlightenment movement followers.