Amplified spontaneous emission induced peculiarities of the passively Q-switched diode pumped erbium laser dynamics

  • M.V. Bogdanovich
  • A.V. Grigor’ev
  • V.V. Kabanov
  • Y.V. Lebiadok
  • G.I. Ryabtsev
  • A.G. Ryabtsev
  • M.A. Shchemelev
  • A.S. Dementjev
  • L. Agrawal
  • A. Bhardwaj


The influence of amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) on the dynamic characteristics of transversely diode pumped erbium-ytterbium glass laser with Co:spinel Q-switch has been investigated. ASE cavity loss coefficient for passively Q-switched laser has been determined. The dependences of ASE cavity loss coefficient on the active element length, output mirror reflection coefficient, and initial transmission of the passive Q-switch have been defined. Laser dynamics has been modelled on the basis of the rate equation set for ion population densities and photon numbers, taking into account the amplified spontaneous emission. It has been shown that ASE accounting does not influence significantly the energy and duration of the output laser pulse. Variations of the laser turn-on time and pulse repetition rate of about 5–10% have been revealed in the case of ASE taken into consideration. Keywords: amplified spontaneous emission, erbium glass laser, diode pumping, passive Q-switch
Nonlinear and Coherent Optics