Application of semiconductor detector for recording the rayleigh scattering of Mössbauer radiation

  • J. Reklaitis
  • D. Baltrūnas
  • V. Remeikis
  • K. Mažeika


The method of the Rayleigh scattering of Mössbauer radiation (RSMR) for the study of dynamics of atoms in polystyrene demonstrating advantages of the application of the semiconductor Si-PIN detector (Amptek Inc.) was used for recording scattered radiation. It has been shown that for recording the RSMR spectra the semiconductor detector can be much more suitable than other types of detection because of the increased quality of spectra under the same collimating conditions. The dependence of probability of the Rayleigh elastic scattering fR on the scattering angle was obtained. By means of the RSMR method the scattering was studied within the angle range at the main Bragg maximum of a polystyrene sample which corresponds to the distance d = 4.44 Å approximately equal to the distance between the polymer chains. Keywords: Mössbauer spectroscopy, Rayleigh scattering, detector, dynamics of atoms