In situ analysis of the carrier lifetime in silicon during implantation of 1.5 MeV protons

  • E. Gaubas
  • T. Čeponis
  • A. Uleckas
  • J. Vaitkus
  • K. Žilinskas
  • V. Kovalevskij
  • M. Gaspariūnas
  • V. Remeikis


The carrier lifetime in situ variations during 1.5 MeV proton irradiation generated by the tandem-type accelerator have been examined in silicon wafer samples. The nonlinear decrease of the carrier lifetime has been obtained within the proton projectile penetration depth, while the effective carrier decay lifetime in the bulk of a silicon wafer decreases slightly. The separation methodology of the surface and bulk recombination parameters is presented. Technology of control of the surface modifications by proton implantation is discussed. Keywords: carrier lifetime, in situ monitoring, proton implantation