On the influence of low-energy ionizing radiation on the amino acid molecule: Valine case

  • J. Tamulienė
  • L. Romanova
  • V. Vukstich
  • A. Papp
  • L. Baliulytė
  • A. Snegursky
Keywords: valine, ionizing radiation, mass spectrum, fragmentation


New data on the valine molecule (C5H11NO2) fragmentation under the low-energy electron-impact are presented. These data are related to the formation of ionized products due to the ionizing radiation influence on the above amino acid molecule. A series of the fragments produced are identified by applying an extensive DFT-theory approach. The results obtained allowed the principal pathways of the valine molecule fragmentation to be found. The absolute appearance energies of some fragments are both measured experimentally and calculated theoretically. The experimental and theoretical data are compared and analysed.
Atoms and Molecules