An accurate analytical model for nonequilibrium drift-velocity and chord-mobility of In0.53Ga0.47As

  • E. Moreno
  • L. Varani
Keywords: InGaAs, mobility model, charge carrier mobility, drift-diffusion, semiconductor, Monte Carlo methods, transport, carrier velocity


Mobility models are an essential tool for an accurate description of the charge carrier dynamics in semiconductor materials and devices. By means of a simulator based on the Monte Carlo method which has been properly validated, a set of velocity and chord-mobility data was generated for electrons and holes in In0.53Ga0.47As bulk material as a function of electric field and for different concentrations of donors and acceptors. This set has been used to build an accurate velocity and chord-mobility analytical model, the mathematical simplicity of which represents a significant advantage because it provides necessary values by a rapid calculation process without forgoing accuracy. The model can be easily implemented in compact numerical simulations of electronic devices and associated circuits where a fast recovery of the velocity and mobility values corresponding to the local electric field and doping concentration is needed.