Lietuvos mokslų akademijos leidybos skyrius

Acta medica Lituanica

Acta medica Lituanica is an official journal of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, Vilnius University and Institute of Oncology. It publishes data on high quality research, mostly from Lithuania, Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.

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Biologija covers a broad spectrum and brings together various disciplines, for example, gen­eral biology, microbiology, parasitology, molecular biology and ecology, genetics, mathematical modelling, biochemistry and biotechnology. Multidisciplinary approaches and the use of conventional and novel methods/methodologies (in the field and in the laboratory) are crucial for deeper understand­ing of the effects of natural processes and human behaviour/activities on environment and the anthropogenic impact of economic development on ecosystems.

The journal covers the following topics: General, Molecular and Cell Biology / Biochemistry / Biophysics / Biotechnology / General, Molecular and Landscape Ecology / Anthropogenic Impact on Ecosystems / Ecosystem Protection / Genetics / Microbiology / Immunology / Parasitology / Physiology.

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Chemija publishes original research articles and reviews from all branches of modern chemistry, including physical, inorganic, analytical, organic, polymer chemistry, electrochemistry, and multidisciplinary approaches. The journal is covered by Clarivate Analytics Web of Science since 2007. Currently, the journal‘s impact factor is 0.357; 5-year impact factor 0.590.

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Ekologija publishes original papers on General Ecology, Molecular Ecology, Organism and Environment, Landscape Ecology, Ecology of Terrestrial Systems, Water System Ecology, Ecology of Parasites, Anthropogenic Impact on Ecosystems, Ecosystem protection issues in Baltic and other regions.

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The journal publishes original scientific, review and problem papers in the following fields: power engineering economics, modelling of energy systems, their management and optimi­zation, target systems, environmental impacts of power engi­neering objects, nuclear energetics, its safety, radioactive waste disposal, renewable power sources, power engineering metro­logy, thermal physics, aerohydrodynamics, plasma technologies, combustion processes, hydrogen energetics, material studies and technologies, hydrology, hydroenergetics. All papers are re­viewed. Information is presented on the defended theses, vari­ous conferences, reviews, etc.

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Geologija. Geografija

The journal Geologija. Geografija publishes scientific papers in the following fields: petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, mineral resources, tectonics, stratigraphy, sedimentology, hydrogeology, geophysics, engineering geology, paleontology, physical geography, landscape geography, human geography, land management, cartography, geographical information science, environmental science, geographical education. Papers are published in Lithuanian and English. All papers are reviewed.

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The journal GEOGRAPHy publishes scientific papers in the following fields: physical geography, landscape geography, social geography, cartography, geoinformatics and landscape management. Papers in geoengineering and educology are also welcome. Papers are published in Lithuanian and English. All papers are reviewed.

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Geologija covers a wide spectrum of geological disciplines including petrology, mineralogy, geochemistry, mineral resources, economic geology, tectonics, stratigraphy, sedimentology, hydrogeology, engineering geology, geophysics, palaeobotany, palynology, palaezoology.

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Filosofija. Sociologija

Filosofija. Sociologija – mokslinis žurnalas, leidžiamas nuo 1990 m. Vilniuje. Įsteigė Lietuvos mokslų akademijos prezidiumas ir Filosofijos, sociologijos ir teisės institutas. 1990–1995 m. leistas kas keturis mėnesius, o nuo 1995 m. – kas tris mėnesius. Skelbiami moksliniai straipsniai filosofijos ir sociologijos klausimais.

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Lithuanian Journal of Physics

Published quarterly by the Lithuanian Physical Society and the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences. The main aim of the Lithuanian Journal of Physics is to reflect the most recent advances in various fields of theoretical, experimental, and applied physics, including:
² mathematical and computational physics
² subatomic physics
² atoms and molecules
² chemical physics
² electrodynamics and wave processes
² nonlinear and coherent optics
² spectroscopy

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The journal publishes original research papers, book reviews, annotations, and sources in history, archaeology, linguistics, literature, and ethnology. Contributions are accepted in English and Lithuanian.

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The journal publishes original papers and sources in the fields of art history, musicology, and theatrology related to Central and Eastern European arts. The submitted manuscript should not have been previously published in any form or considered for publication elsewhere. Reviews of scholarly publications, conferences and exhibitions are also accepted. Contributions are accepted in Lithuanian, English, and Polish, and in some cases other languages are also allowed.

Menotyra follows a strict anti-plagiarism policy, which targets both plagiarism and self-plagiarism. By submitting a paper for publication in Menotyra, author(s) confirm that: 1) they are aware that plagiarism and self-plagiarism are illegal and understand that plagiarism is the use of the ideas presented by another person or in a published work pretending that they are one’s own; 2) they declare that each contribution to their article has been acknowledged and sources of information from other published authors or unpublished works have been properly cited; 3) they certify that they are solely responsible for the text of the article along with all references. Manuscripts submitted to Menotyra may be checked for originality using anti-plagiarism software. The journal is published by the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, which is a member of Crossref and uses the CrossCheck publishing support and plagiarism detection systems.

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Žemės ūkio mokslai

Žemės ūkio mokslai /Agricultural Sciences, a periodical of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences, publishes original scientific papers in Lithuanian and English that have not been published elsewhere.

Science fields and directions:

• agricultural sciences: agronomy (01A), forest science (04A), zootechnics (03A), veterinary medicine (02A);
• technological sciences: mechanical engineering (09T), environmental engineering (04T);
• social sciences: management (03S), economics (04S), sociology (05S) (agricultural economics, rural development, etc.).

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